My ex-wife was not making the mortgage payments on our house which led to the bank threatening to foreclose on the property. My lawyer referred me to Andrea who gave the bank the money to make the mortgage current, helping to save my credit from further damage. Andrea has been paying the mortgage, taxes and insurance on the house ever since.

—Kelvin A

We were having trouble selling our house when the market went down. Our family really needed a bigger place.Andrea was able to offer a solution that worked well for us.Andrea made the payments on our house freeing us to move to a bigger place. The mortgage has since been paid out. We are very pleased with the result.

—Suzanne M.

I needed to move out of Red Deer to be closer to family. I had my house listed with a realtor but was not getting any offers. I needed to sell my house quickly. Andrea took over the payments on my house allowing me to move fairly quickly. Andrea also negotiated down my second mortgage from $13,000 to $3,000 and paid it out. The first mortgage has since been paid out as well. I am very happy with the outcome - less than one year for the entire process. Thanks,

—Ewen L.

Andrea contacted us when we had our house for sale privately. The market was not great at the time and we really wanted to build a new house on the south end of town. We were able to use the equity in our home for the down payment on our new house. Andrea took over our mortgage, taxes, insurance and line of credit payments on our home and filled it with a nice older couple. The most convenient thing of all was that Andrea was flexible with our move out date. Building a new home you don’t really know when your move in day will be this was causing us a bit of anxiety until Andrea said “no worries just give me one months notice.” We have sold all our houses privately and this was the easiest deal ever. Andrea was professional, reliable and flexible I would recommend her without hesitation.

—Trina K

After a round of bad renters I decided I had had enough. I contacted Andrea to buy my home. Andrea took over the mortgage payments, city taxes and insurance costs as well as all the maintenance on the property. The process was easy. I'm very pleased with how things turned out - my mortgage has since been paid out. I would gladly do business with Andrea again in a heartbeat.

—Mike N

I was in the midst of a divorce and neither of us could afford the mortgage payments on our own. I contacted Andrea to buy my house, and she took over the payments very quickly. I am happy to have someone looking after my house so I was not forced to become a Landlord.

—Mr T.

I contacted Andrea to buy my house as I needed to sell quickly as I need to move out of the Red Deer are and owed what my house was worth.  Andrea took over the payments on my house very quickly and had all the knowledge and people to contact regarding all legal activity on the sale of the house.  Andrea is able to take over everything and left me with no worries about my house.

—Cole G