About Us

Andrea Warkentin

Welcome! I am Andrea Warkentin and let me introduce my office manager Irene Simpson. We are a locally owned and operated real estate company in Red Deer and focus on the Red Deer and Central Alberta area. We have had our real estate business since 2005 and focus primarily on single family homes.We help people who need to sell their home quickly, for whatever reason. We strive to make it a painless process for the seller by offering a range of solutions from which they can choose the one that best suits them.

Some houses we pay cash, others we take over payments on, some we rent from the owners, and some we use seller financing.

For some people that may mean finally getting rid of the tenant hassles from their lives, or for others a chance to sell before a foreclose is imminent, or maybe just reducing the stress from their lives and being able to move forward with some money in their pockets.

Let us be the solution to your problem!

If your property is located outside the Central Alberta area, we can refer you to one of our business associates located throughout Alberta.